Gender Empowerment-10 emerging issues..

A lot has been written and talked about women empowerment. People see just one side of the coin, have they ever thought what our MEN go through because of this.
Lets see 10 common problems due to rising focus on women empowerment-
1) The increasing demand for female reservation in Parliament. The men feel that the ever confined BHABHIS, BAHUS, BETIS will show their raula now. Also, everybody knows hat parliament stands for high decibel levels and there are very few Smriti Iranis in the country.
2) The men in Rajasthan feel discriminated as the women have got 30% concession in Sarkari buses. This has another side to it- the ever confined BHABHIS, BAHUS, BETIS have started going to their MAAYKA more often.
3) The increasing viewership of youtube channels like GIRLIYAPA in which the quintessential character wali ladkiyan are abusing like men. The men are fearful that the ever confined BHABHIS, BAHUS, BETIS will turn their homes into LOC.
4) Indian People have always been risk averse qui…

UPSC Civil Services Prelims Strategy.

When the results got declared i was asked by many to write a detailed prelims strategy, but i didnt due to two main reasons. Firstly, I got busy preparing for this year's mains and secondly, there were plenty of strategies available of various toppers.
But now as i am free and the hullabaloo has ended, I think i should write one.
So, lets look from the point of view of syllabus itself.
The syllabus for the Preliminary Exam for Paper-I:
History of India and Indian National Movement.Indian and World Geography - Physical, Social, Economic Geography of India and the World.Indian Polity and Governance - Constitution, Political System, Panchayati Raj, Public Policy, Rights Issues, etc.Economic and Social Development - Sustainable Development, Poverty, Inclusion, Demographics, Social Sector initiatives, etc.General issues on Environmental Ecology, Bio-diversity and Climate ChangeGeneral ScienceCurrent events of national and international importance.

1.) History of India and Indian National Mo…

Small Conversation between a BHAKT & an ANTI-NATIONAL.

Since times immemorial our society/world knew two kinds of people-men & women.
Then came our distinctions based on caste, creed, colour, religion etc. But since last many centuries, the distinction that has been most prominent in our country has been that of Hindu & Muslims.

But let bygones be bygones..we today in this digital world had to have something of our own, not pitted in our minds by our forefathers and fathers, so we developed a new lingo..
Now all the people of this country are divided into 2 kinds- the first are called BHAKTS and all others ANTI-NATIONAL.

So on one fine day both of them decided to have a conversation, which eventually turned into an argument, which eventually turned into a spat, which eventually turned into maa behen ki gaalis, which eventually turned into killing of one of them.
lets see who gets to be KANSASed and who gets to be TRUMPed.

This is a conversation happening after 1 year of demonitisation and also 1 year of TRUMPisisation.

BHAKT: See …


In this hullabaloo over INTOLERANCE we have forgotten what defines us the most- TOLERANCE.
So, first lets see some of the BIGGEST TOLERANCES of our nation and its people.

1) Even after having 2-4 mbps speed, if d service doesnt work well, we avoid it, that is called tolerance.
2) Despite being one of the followers of Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan, we tend to close our eyes to others littering on the roads, that is tolerance.
3) If terrorists attack, we talk of retribution and break of ties with our neighbour, but when maoists attack and kill more security personnel than the terrorists we hardly raise any voice, that is also tolerance.
4) We go to government offices expecting to wait for 2 hours for a 2 min work, and return back home happily if the work got completed in 1 hour, that is tolerance.
5) We share the flag of France when Paris is attacked in solidarity, but show our tolerance when the same happens to us in Pathankot.
6) People like Radhe Maa and Asaaram make fool of us, but we sti…



Every new year brings with it RESOLUTIONS. Many people try to make resolutions, which mostly dun last even for a week. I also made one, my room partner also made one, but we both know it aint going to last long.
So, instead of focusing on RESOLUTIONS, lets be sarcastic and focus on some NON-RESOLUTIONS. Lets try to figure out some NON-RESOLUTIONS of people/organisations etc of different fields.
Just remember, these are vice-versa of RESOLUTIONS...these are things we want these people to do(except for the last one) but its not going to happen for sure.
1) I shall not visit any foreign country and try to discover some beautiful places of the 7th largest country of the world.  2) I shall always condemn any illogical statements made by the most intelligent and secular ministers of my government. 3) From this year onward, I shall never try to please my mentors Amit Shah and VHP. 4) I shall push the rhetoric aside and perform. 5) I shall not only co…

3 years in ahmedabad.

A very long tym since i wrote d last blog.
Have completed 3 years as Central Excise Inspector in Ahmedabad. Though it is very hard to write all the experiences but wud lyk sharing some of them in 3 blogs. In the 1st one I would be writing about the city of Ahmedabad, its places, life, people, food etc., in the 2nd post i shall be writing about the job, its pros, cons, atmostphere, people, work culture etc. and in the 3rd one i wud write about my personal achievements, incidents, happenings, etc.
When i first came to ahmedabad in 2011 for medical/physical test I dint feel very good about the city or its people. But from the feeling of being an outsider who shall be leaving d place on d very 1st instance if given a chance, i have becum a person who shall love to spend my whole lyf in d city. Originally being from jaipur, my first love wud always be it but ahmedabad wud be d 2nd choice everytym. Whenever i go to jaipur everyone asks me about d lifestyle, development, people etc…