Monday, January 5, 2015

3 years in ahmedabad.

A very long tym since i wrote d last blog.

Have completed 3 years as Central Excise Inspector in Ahmedabad. Though it is very hard to write all the experiences but wud lyk sharing some of them in 3 blogs. In the 1st one I would be writing about the city of Ahmedabad, its places, life, people, food etc., in the 2nd post i shall be writing about the job, its pros, cons, atmostphere, people, work culture etc. and in the 3rd one i wud write about my personal achievements, incidents, happenings, etc.


When i first came to ahmedabad in 2011 for medical/physical test I dint feel very good about the city or its people. But from the feeling of being an outsider who shall be leaving d place on d very 1st instance if given a chance, i have becum a person who shall love to spend my whole lyf in d city. Originally being from jaipur, my first love wud always be it but ahmedabad wud be d 2nd choice everytym. Whenever i go to jaipur everyone asks me about d lifestyle, development, people etc. of ahmedabad. So i wud lyk to share my views here. It wud be better to divide d post into separate sections.

Its History.

Ahmedabad was founded by Ahmed Shah of the Delhi Sultanate in the year 1411. Due to its proxmity to sea it was one of the prized posessions of the Britishers. Ahmedabad had been at the core of freedom struggle through the Sabarmati Ashram established by Mahatma Gandhi.

Its People.

As d actress in RDB said " People here are looking for a reason to fight with each other". People from north, be it delhi, UP, Rajasthan are hot blooded and justify this statement. From parking outside the gate of other person to driving, people just want to get involved into spats. But i assure ya, its not d case here in ahmedabad. I wud lyk to substantiate it with one example- many a times it happens tht vehicles get scratches bcoz of getting in touch with one another. If it happens in jaipur, delhi or any north indian place it wud result into an altercation, sumtimes verbal and many a times physical too. But if it happens in ahmedabad u will rarely witness a fight. Amdavadis are so amiable, they just dun have that feeling inside them. There are very less working traffic lights, wearing helmets is not compulsory, but thn also u are likely to witness lesser accidents.

The built of the people is usually extreme. Either too thin or too fat. Always heard that Gujarati girls are very beautiful, but trust me, very hard to find beauty on roads.

There is a big difference in the sense of humor tht we north indians have nd wht gujaratis have. They will be hillariously laughing on things tht wont even bring a little smile on ya face nd vice-versa.

The people here try to find leisure in everything they do and fall under the category of "khao, piyo aur aish karo" types.

Its life.

The life is niether very slow nor very fast here. Being from jaipur I was never used to high traffic and loud noises. Thankfully, Ahmedabad is almost the same in tht regard. It is not suffocating lyk Delhi or Mumbai, but is high on living quality index.

Whenever there is big match of India, life here comes to a standstill and yes, whenever India wins a match, Amdavadis also get crazy like us. 

Its Language and Culture

Though they understand hindi, but Gujarati is followed everywhere. Infact, Hindi is considered to be a language of the elites here. Some Words and their pronunciation is different. But its good to see the attachment they have for their mother tongue.

Festivals are different. What diwali and holi are to us, navratri and uttrayan are to gujaratis.

It is considered a taboo in Jaipur to eat food outside, but it is d culture here to eat outside especially on weekends.

I dun see the culture of building big Kothis here. Flat Culture is more prominent, but the presence of large luxury cars is very high.

Its Food

They eat food high in oil content and d dal nd gili sabziyan (called kathod here) are sweet in taste. Yes, we have discovered places where we get food of our choice but still food is one thing tht can neva satisfy a north indian here.

Gujaratis have khakhra, Dhokla, Ganthiya, Bhakri etc for breakfast in comparison to our samosa and kachoris.

Due to a big muslim population there are many non-veg restaurants, but really hard to find any suiting our taste. Relyin on Barbeque Nation, WOW and Masti in this regard.

Its Places

Not many historic places like jaipur, infact no historic place. Mall culture is prevalent. In Jaipur, whenever we feel lyk hanging out, we first think of nahargarh, jaigarh, ajmer dargah etc but here it is Akashardham Temple, Alphaone mall etc.

However, within a distance of 100 kms from Ahmedabad there are many good places like Nal Sarovar, Patan ki Vav etc.

Its Infrastructure.

The basic facilities like Roads, Drinking Water and Electricity are well developed here. Gujarat has always been a prosperous state due to its favorable location. The electricity distribution network is private run which has ensured continuous supply. I personally beleive that the corruption level here is lesser in comparison to rajasthan which is visible from the high durability of the roads.

The public transportation system which is a pre-condition for functioning of a big city is very much present here. Fast mode of transportation through Bus Rapid Transportation System(BRTS) and abundance of Autos, Taxis etc. serve the purpose.

The highways as well as city roads are well developed. Wide roads are present which are capable of handling population and transportation to be there after 10-15 years. 

I must be misssing many aspects but yaar mai koi amitabh bachchan to hun nahi jiska lamba blog duniya padhe, isliye i wud lyk to cut short here only.

In the end I would lyk to say that Ahmedabad is a very nice city and I would always love to reside here if given a chance.

Disclaimer: The above mentioned things have been witnessed by me in the last 3 years being a resident of Ahmedabad. The views are bound to differ.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Dis one is fo sum1 very very special.Tomorrow is her birthday.I might not b in any sort of contact wid her but she still holds an important position in moi lyf.So just a way of wishin her HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Just to caution ya,she wasnt moi GF anytym.

One question-Wht do ya people think abt love,its existence,its symptoms,its effects,its side effects,its charm...????

I tel ya wht LOVE means fo me or precisely wht it has done fo me and moi experiences relatin to it...:

  1. LOVE doesnt hav any conditions.It can b one sided nd tht doesnt demean it in any way.
  2. LOVE is PLATONIC.mayb thts y i cudnt undrstand ROCKSTAR.
  3. LOVE doesnt come wid an EXPIRY date.
  4. LOVE doesnt require it to RECIPROCATE fo its growth.
  5. LOVE always inspires and MOTIVATES.
  6. LOVE is enogh to bring a SMILE onto ur face in a flash.
  7. LOVE is sumtimes possesive nd JEALOUS 2.
  8. LOVE is to give freedom to d otha person.
  9. LOVE doesnt disturb your personal and professional lyf in any way.
  10. LOVE is to accept ur wrongdoings and APOLOGISING.
  11. LOVE is sumthin tht STABILISES ya d most.
  12. LOVE is to fight wid ur frens and sisters fo speakin ill abt her.
  13. LOVE is to see the person's pic on FB to hav a gud night sleep.
  14. LOVE is to PRAY for d otha person even if are an atheist.
  15. LOVE is BLIND.It disables ya to see any fault in d otha person.
  16. LOVE is d DESPERATION to get tht person back in ur lyf.
  17. LOVE is abt being one of her BEST FRENS.
  18. LOVE is abt writin 35 odd LETTERS for her but nt deliverin any of dem to her.
  19. LOVE is loving to c her smile to get a luk of her dimples.KYA MAST HAI LYF.
  20. LOVE is abt tryin to RESEMBLE her to bollywood actresses lyk preity zinta fo dimples,madhuri fo hair etc.
  21. LOVE is to love listening to "LAMBI JUDAI' song even if u dun lyk it.
  22. LOVE is abt havin PURPLE as one of ya favourite colors.
  23. LOVE is abt writin d numer of cigarttes u smoke and beers u drink everyday fo 1 full year in quest to get free of d ills.
  24. LOVE is abt LOVING.
These count 24 as its her 24th birthday tomorrow-23rd of november.

I mite luk to ya as a gud person but i hav made 2 big big blunders in moi lyf(1 very recently) and d earlier 1 took away the most significant person of moi lyf.

I m ol bcoz of her.Because of her only i studied,to show her,to get THAT respect in her eyes.The custom inspector u knw owes everythin to her to get him back on track.She is one of d most prominent reasons fo me to go fo civils(leavin moi predominant inclination towards MBA),leavin tht reason fo ya to ponder.

She was,is and wil b a gr8 frend of mine always.I mite nt b able to love any1 else wid d same intensity,zeal and vigour.I hav been shyin of commitments ever since her gettin off moi lyf as dun get even a pinch of d feelings i had fo her,fo any otha gul(been mor thn once).

Jyada likhunga to koi padhega wud lyk to cut short here only.

I knw she is doin ol gud in her lyf.But i just hope she remembers ol through her lyf tht thr is sum1 who wil always b thr fo her.Also i hope,1 day she forgives me fo d sins i hav commitd.
Wud luv to dance on d tunes on her wedding.



Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hav u eva gav it a thot tht y we feel ourselves to b backward even if we r being termed as future superpower by d world...???
D reasons tht might flash ur mind must b corruption,illeteracy,poverty nd so on...

But i amnt goin to repeat all those...i was thinking abt 2 things tht we must improve in order to b close to d developed nations...

D problems tht come across moi mind otha thn poverty,unemployment etc r as follows:

First nd d foremost thin KASHMIR,we r reading frm d past many months abt d bad conditions or burning of kashmir to b exact(not by d terrorists)...
I cant go in d detail as i dun hav much knowlede abt law but wht i feel nd to which most people of kasmir wud agree is tht d most severe problem dey face is tht of ill treatment nd exploitation by security forces nd police...
D forces r given so much authority tht dey can do anythin dey want,it is important to give them special powers in a sensitive place lyk kashmir but if those special powers designed fo d well bein of kashmiris in turn offend dem thn d question surely arises-wht is deir use?????
And adding to tht angst is govt's attitude to tht...d state govt is in hands of an inefficient,immature leader who doesnt knw anythin but to appease central govt or rather RAHUL GANDHI...
Talking abt d central is highly patient whn it somes to kashmir...dey wait fo kasmir to b burnt down nd hn just make a stetement to d people to calm down....dis tym dey hav went a step ahead nd sent a team of 3 prominent people to go nd hav a look at problems nd suggest remedies....govt doesnt even care to send ny minister or person who has quite much idea abt deir problems...i guess dis might offend d kashmiris too...
Whn PAKISTAN makes a comment abt kashmir it is told to shut up...d problem is tht INDIA wants full control ova kashmir but still treats it as sum inoperating part of d body just as it treats NORTH EAST...
If INDIA continues wid dis attitude toward kashmir d day is not far away whn SEPARATISTS wil becum so strong tht we wud feel hapless...

D same problem is of NAXALITES...naxalites r people of our country only who thinks tht dey hav been so exploited nd avoided by d govt to d extent tht only whn dey use armed weapons dey can make deir voice heard....
Now govt can take 2 kind of actions in dis case.....either dey can hav a talk wid dem nd try to fnd solution or dey cud treat dem lyk SRI LANKA did LTTE...
But d govt aint taking any step....its watching policeman captured nd killed brutally....

Dese r just 2 problems tht INDIA has failed to cope with.....dere r plenty lyk dese...
Evey1 talks abt d danger of terrorist attacks ova d country but dese much bigger problems aint being given weight...

Now d second thin i wud lyk to point out to is CHINA...
Wateva u may term it as i wud say it to b cowardness....INDIA is just not responding to wht CHINA is doin...we all must hav read tht mes of CHINA capturing indian territory,using srilnakan trritory etc....nd it is true....but d govt denied it....y is it so...???..
Dere might b 2 reasons fo tht....INDIAN govt is afraid of CHINA as china is much stronger thn us or dey want china to take control of indian territory...?????
U may decide on ur own.....whn PAKISTAN makes a comment abt kashmir we reply so aggressively nd here nuthin is done...

U knw afta UPA govt's 1st term i thot tht dis is d only political party tht can lead us strongly nd take our country to higher levels...nd tht is y i voted fo dem nd asked all otha to do so...i must hav got dem 20 odd votes...
But now i think i was wrong...i dun regret it still as dere is no otha party to vote fo but congress has also let us is 1st term due to coalitions it was able to do all d things it wanted nd thts y people voted fo dem in majority so tht dey cud show deir real colors but d colors wud b dark nobody expected...
D govt has failed on every seems tht PMO has no work bt to sign fake bills of COMMONWEALTH...i feel ashamed of being its suppoter fo so long...

Fo all those who dun knw i hav got a new love in moi new BIKE- ROYAL ENFIELD THUNDERBIRD...
I cant tell u n words d AUKAT of dis bike....i feel very proud to b owner of dis SHIP(thts wht sum people call it)...

I have moi SSC interview on 25th....hope i do well....wish me luck guys...
Rest all is fine wid me...


Lincoln's Moral Dilemma

It's said that Abraham Lincoln once sized up the case of a prospective client as follows:

"You have a good case, technically, but in terms of justice and equity, it's got problems. So you'll have to look for another lawyer to handle the case, because the whole time I was up there talking to the jury, I'd be thinking, 'Lincoln, you're a liar!' and I might just forget myself and say it out loud."


"By the tym a man realises tht mayb his father was right,he usually has a son who thinks he's wrong."

Charles Woodworth

Monday, August 23, 2010


Finally i m writing....

I wishd to write on moi blog's anniversary but cudnt due to sum reasons(d same bcoz of which i was not able to write in d last 3-4 months)... nd tht is NUTHIN...

I sumtimes feel tht dere r so many things tht r awkward or whom i dun adress properly nd dey keep haunting or rathr carry on getting older wid me...i wud lyk to share sum of fem wid u ol..

Sumtimes i feel y m i so lethargic.....y i always try to postpone things....y i make excuses umpteen times a day fo not doin work....y i m unpunctual most of d times....y i abuse many a times mor thn i wish nd i shud....y i dun do wht i planned in d loo....y i sumtimes get frustated lyk hell....y i feel lyk lonely even wid so many people arnd....y m i not studyin....y m i doin job....y i sumtimes b a nymphomanic nd sumtimes platonic....y i try to avoid a person who i lyk....

y i feel tht i m getting tht feelin nd den realize an hour afta tht it was all sham....y i being an atheist feel lyk clasping hands in front of god sumtimes....y i m highly sceptic to sum people nd things....y i m confused on moi career options....y i feel lyk running away frm wht i m doin....y i feel lyk tht corruption is a part of system nd thn afta watchin RDB think tht its ol ridiculous nd i being a youth shud change it....y i being an hindu supprt muslims in every argument wid moi papa....y i feel lyk sayin truth always to moi pa even if i hav done sumthin wrong or shameful

y i feel lyk sayin SORRY to sum1 even if she wont accept it....y i feel lyk slamming moi head into d wall in nostalgia...y i m still in LOVE wid a person who iz far out of moi lyf....y i feel lyk lovin sum frnd at 1 tym nd loathin him d otha....y people always supprt wht dey hav said even if dey knw deep down deir heart tht dey r wrong including me....y is it tht even being considered a mature guy i hav so much childishness left in me nd person who iz not considered mature always opposes childish things....

y iz it tht i try to analyse things nd persons unnecessarily....y is it tht knewing tht a thin iz bad or wrong i carry on doin it....y i force sum of moi actions on others....y i keep on sayin things tht wudnt work on d person for whom it is meant....nd y iz tht i feel lyk sayin goodbye to dis world forever.......

dese r sum things tht bother me infact hav been bothering me frm d last 3 odd yrs...but dese r sum things tht wil clean up giving way fo sum others to come,wid tym...

I had 2 things in mind fo writin...1st being moi exp in IDBI interview nd second being COMMONWEALTH...but i dun knw how dis thing came to moi mind....dese r things which every 19-23 guy wil exp in his lyf in sum form or d thot of sharing it...

Hope u lyk it...:)


Talkin abt wats goin on in moi lyf...

I m doin d SBBJ job fo now....appered fo SSC(income tax,custom inspector job) clerd pre,apprd fo mains nd quite hopeful of clearing it also...

Hav droppd d idea of doin MBA as of now....wil do it sumday may b an executive one or through GMAT...

Hope u guys r ROCKING...!!!!



Live-In Maid

A husband and his wife advertised for a live-in maid to cook and do the housework. They hired a lovely lass for the job


She worked out fine, was a good cook, was polite, and kept the house neat. One day, after about six months, she came in and said she would have to quit.

"But why?" asked the disappointed wife.

She hemmed and hawed and said she didn't want to say, but the wife was persistent, so finally she said, "Well on my day off a couple of months ago I met this good-looking fellow from over in the next county, and well, I'm pregnant."

The wife said, "Look, we don't want to lose you. My husband and I don't have children, and we'll adopt your baby if you will stay."

She talked to her husband; he agreed, and the maid said she would stay. The baby came, they adopted it, and all went well.

After several months though, the maid came in again and said that she would have to quit. The wife questioned her, found out that she was pregnant again, talked to her husband, and offered to adopt the baby if she would stay. She agreed, had the baby, they adopted it, and life went on as usual.

In a few months, however, she again said she would have to leave. Same thing. She was pregnant. They made the same offer, she agreed, and they adopted the third baby. She worked for a week or two, but then said, "I am definitely leaving this time."

"Don't tell me you're pregnant again?" asked the lady of the house.

"No," she said, "there are just too many kids here to pick up after."


"Wisdom too often never comes, and so one ought not to reject it merely because it comes late"
felix frankfurter

Monday, March 8, 2010


Frm last many days i m thinkin tht d eagerness,anxiety and purpose wid which u start a thing fades away so quickly...

D reason fo dis thin comin to moi mind is ME myself....whn i started dis blog,d thing which i had in mind was tht it wil suffice all moi writing desire...first i thot tht d passion is goin away....but now i think tht,tht desire has itself gone not d passion tht i hav fo dis blog...

I thot tht i wil write it as DIARY,which went on like so fo sum days but got off d track just a few days i m in tht phase whr i want to write but dun get much things to write as i dun want to write abt social topics(which i used to) as it wudnt help d cause in any way and in moi busy schedule i dun get many intrstin things to write plus time is also factor here..

So i hav decided tht i wudnt care abt dis thing now(time gap between 2 blogs) as it its not a positive thing to think about..wud write only whn feel lyk writing and hav a thing or 2 to write abt...

D latest news is moi CAT result...not up to d mark i wud say....just scored 95 while i expected and told everybody tht 98 is a minimum...but whn i c tht a 99.82 or even 99.91 %ile guy doesnt get a cal frm a single IIM den d disappointment goes away as a person wid almost 100 %ile,above 85% in 10th and 12th and 36 months of work-ex doesnt get a call den i cudnt hav a got a cal at 98...

Still wud get calls frm 6-8 institutes for GD/ wishes required frm u guys...!!!
I wrote above tht i wud refrain myself frm writing on social topics,but i cant help myself doin it...

Wht do u guys think abt WOMEN RESERVATION BILL..????

For me its one more disaster...its not goin to help in women empowerment in any way,infact it wil remind themselves of d discrimination dey face everyday...sum people say tht wht is wrong in giving dem reservation as SC/ST hav also got reservation everywhere,which i dun agree to,SC/ST's were given reservation bcoz of d vulnerable position dey were in so as to give dem an oppurtunity to b a part of INDIA.,whereas women reservation seems to me s tool to woo women and also come at parity wid our neighbours who hav larger percentage of women in parliament.

Okk,now think d otha way,wht wil happen to d existing MP's,whn d seats wil b divided fo women,d MP's who hav been performing well wil also b kicked off and sum BAD ones wil still remain,given deir political status...

Dey say tht even PAKISTAN,NEPAL and BANGLADESH hav more percentage of women MP's thn our wht,PAKISTAN is still a country wid d most number of women exploitation cases and is counted among d countries wid highest level of women backwardness..

Plus,if reservation is given,den d thing which wil happen is tht d sitting MP wil get his daughter,wife,in laws to stand on his behalf and obviously dey wil win bcoz of d gretaer influence of D sittin wil it help in women empowement..?????
We hav seen an iliterate RABRI DEVI operating on behalf of his husband who was restricted from standing in elections and performing devastatingly bad...

And what's d basic idea of resrvation-to help d real deserving women come out and b in parliament...which i think happens today also...d women who r capable of being in parliament are dere and wil continue being dere if dey perform well which wil automatically motivate others to participate...

And d last and final point(may b bcoz i m a male,all otha points unbiased)...after dis women reservation d total reservation in parliament wil bcome 48% and wil it b fair enogh to men falling in general category which amount to 78% of indian population to contest fo only 52% of d seats.

I m not a male chauvinistic,but still wil b against dis reservation...



Power of Verse

An elderly woman had just returned to her home from an evening of church services when she was startled by an intruder. She caught the man in the act of robbing her home of its valuables and yelled, "Stop! Acts 2:38!"(Repent and be baptized, in the name of Jesus Christ so that your sins may be forgiven...) The burglar stopped in his tracks. The woman calmly called the police and explained what she had done. As the officer cuffed the man to take him in, he asked the burglar,"Why did you just stand there? All the old lady did was yell a scripture to you." "Scripture?" replied the burglar. "She said she had an Ax and Two 38's!"


"I never have reservations about doing anything as long as i'm being paid."

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Its been 45 days i last posted....and its a SHAME FO ME...

D last month has been very very special fo me...!!!
I cant write whole of it but wud try to summarize in d best way possible...

2 STORIES to go:

On 29th whn i went to office i got to knw tht i hav to go to BIKANER fo a training of 2 weeks...surprised,shocked and annoyed i went to d manager and asked him to either cancel or suspend it,but neither of d option was feasible fo him...

With no otha option i had to go to training...i entered d campus wid d feelin tht d next 14 days r goin to b a hard tym fo me..

D first day was a confirmation of dat view....d class had 65 people(12 female)....arnd 12 were ex-army men out of which one was moi roommate....he was just double moi age....talked to a couple of guys and also went fo outing wid dem in d evening thinking dat dey wil accompany me in drinking,but aisa hua nahin...akele hi ho aaya talli..

Second day i talked to otha guys also and found 2 fo company in d evening tym...
Third day i talked to sum more guys and now d fun had of d days cant b described in words...i havent enjoyd so much in moi lyf....All of us were frm different areas and branches but we jelled so nicely tht it was impossible to say tht we were together just fo 2 weeks...

On sunday we all went fo BIKANER trip....wht a day it was...BUS me jo cheap commentbaazi ki hum londo ne..superb fun..also got to c WHITE MOUSE in KARNI MATA TEMPLE(hope it helps in CAT result)...

Afta tht thoda bacha tha wo bhi khul gaya...second week was hardcore always was a backbencher in d class wid messaging on and wateva one may speak clapping was a must...raat ko 7 bajte hi bas 1 cheez hoti thi...

Antakshari kheli thi 1 din where i made d girl team win...and d last night we had a DJ party....and u guys wont belev i was d person who had d responsibility to make every1 dance and more amazingly i did it...T.T bhi khela karta tha mai bahut....

In totality it was extreme fun...we all had a blast and we got so attached tht we literally had tears in our eyes wen leaving...

Its d most memorable and unforgettable experience of moi lyf and it wil b wid me all through moi lyf..

2-4 sher hain....pasand aaye to clap kijiyega:

1) 1 din zindagi aise mukaam par pahuch jaegi,
dosti to sirf yaadon me reh jaegi,
har cup chai yaad tumhari dilaegi,
aankhein fir nam ho jayengi,
Office ke chamber me classroom nazar ayegi,
par chahne par bhi proxy nahi lag paegi,
Us waqt paisa to bahut hoga magar,
unhe lutne ki wajah hi kho jaegi,
Ji le khul kar iss pal ko mere dost,
kyunki zindagi in palon ko fir se na dohraegi...!!!!

2) Jab kabhi khud ko tanha pate hain,
Apke sath bitaye "WO PAL" yaad aate hain,
Ji rahe h bus isi khushi ke intezar me,
Suna hai kabhi-kabhi "KUCH BEETE HUYE PAL" LAUT KE AATE HAIN...!!!!

3) Akela ja raha tha jeevan ki in kathin rasto par,
niraash dukhi.
Fir 1 mod pe aapke jaisa dost mila aur baaki zindagi ki bhi,
Vaat lag gayi...!!!!

I wanna write one poem or song fo d rip but right now i amnt doin it...may b d next tym i wil write it...

Hope u guys r having a gr8 tym...!!!
Love ya ol..!!!!


Sure Thing Bar Bet
Two guys were in a bar, and they were both watching the television when the news came on. It showed a guy on a bridge who was about to jump, obviously suicidal. "I'll bet you $10 he'll jump," said the first guy. "Bet you $10 he won't," said the second guy. Then, the guy on the television closed his eyes and threw himself off the bridge. The second guy hands the first guy the money. "I can't take your money," said the first guy. "I cheated you. The same story was on the five o'clock news." "No, no. Take it," said the second guy. "I saw the five o'clock news too. I just didn't think the guy was dumb enough to jump again!"


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

ALL ISS WELL. or mayb not..!!!

I hav been dying to write....and as i m on a leave fo 4 days frm tom i hav d privilege of sleeping late in d it has to b BIG...

Moi writing wud consist of RUCHIKAS's case and also an EXCLUSIVE akash's review of 3 IDIOTS(no need to laugh)....and sum INTRSTING THINGS WHICH I HAV THOT ABT 2010...!!!

For all those who dun knw who RUCHIKA was,here goes d story...
RUCHIKA was a girl who lived in CHANDIGARH,she was quite fond of playing LAWN day whn she was playing wid her frnd at d state tennis association's courts,she was called by a police officer called S.P.S. RATHORE,who was also d president of HARYANA LAWN TENNIS ASSOCIATION,to his office...
She was molested by him....RUCHIKA was just 14 yrs old at tht tym and dis happened 19 yrs ago....AUGUST 1990...

She got traumatised and told her friend ARADHNA's parents abt it....dey eventually told her father abt it which led to a statement being recorded before then DG R.R.SINGH...
But it dint help her cause....RATHORE told dem to take deir complaint back othawise he wud finish off d entire family and eventually proved as gud as his words...

RUCHIKA was restigated frm school as Rathore's daughter also studied in d same school(she was her batchmate)....and as his father said on WE THE PEOPLE,on grnds of LOOSE CHARACTER...
Rathore sent people who threw stones at her house and screamed filth....11 cases of auto theft were recorded against her brother...he was arrested and tortured in police custody....

Den came d moment...finally Ruchika broke down seeing her family in trouble considering herself as d reason fo all d trauma and commited SUICIDE on DECEMBER 23,1993..

In d meantime,Rathore was promoted to d post of ADG(correct me if wrong) and was recommended by d state govt fo PRESIDENTIAL AWARD FOR BRAVERY...

Now u must b thinking dat in our country whr scams and cases are forgotten quickly wht made dis case come in limelight again...

Ofcourse d JUDGEMENT yaar.... and d judgement says tht RATHORE is too old to b given a long sentence and considering his health and age,his punishment extends to 6 MONTHS(d minimum sentence fo a case of molestation is 2 YEARS)

Now wht an excellent judgement....afta a suicide,dozen of false cases of robbery,expulsion frm school,living a lyf equivalent to hell and 19 yrs of fighting against injustice,6 months of imprisonment is enogh..????

And d worst thing was RATHORE cumin out of d court wid a shameless smile on his face...

And u knw d last 19 yrs many RUCHIKA's must hav committed suicide but no1 gives a damn...
Just bcoz dis case belongs to a middle class family nd her father is fighting fo it dis case is still alive....just fo an example....d govt and d country werent serious abt terrorist attacks until dey rockd posh localities and hotels of mumbai....
Dats how it goes in our country...

But we shud make most of dis oppurtunity....lets get stud up fo dis case and let DEM knw tht dis wil not b tolerated anymore in dis country....

Whn i see dis case i get reminded of a dialogue frm VEER-ZARA...manoj bajpai said to srk
:"HAMARE(Pakistan) AUR AAPKE(India) DESH me kaunsi aisi cheez hai jo paise aur power se haasil nahi ki ja sakti"

As RUCHIKA's father said
I thot tht i wud give a review of 3 IDIOTS....but now i m thinking tht it wudnt help amybody but wil make moi page unneccesarily long...
So review isnt required

MOI RATING:4.5/5...


Everyone thinks of RESOLUTIONS wen new year comes closer but i hav sumthin diff in store....i m thinking tht i wil celebrate(wid moi frnds) MONTHS...

MAR:EXAM MONTH(dis 1 is fo ya CHUNKY)
OCT:STUDY MONTH(fo moi CA frnds)

*yet to decide

Lets c if dis works...and d thing decided fo APRIL can extend to 1 more month and if i get moi dream college dis year den d order wil change i.e. moi favourites wil occur in d first half of d year...
and if u guys hav sum more intrsting thots fo dis month system...plz rent dem...

So wht r ur NEW YEAR EVE plans guys....?????
And i forgot to tel u ol abt d meeting wid one of moi sweetest frnd MEGHA....
I met her fo d 1st tym wen i went to Delhi fo IDBI exam....
aur kya bolon MEGHA....tu hi likh dena comment me....
o yeah,bahut choti si hai....i hav got her a new name CHUHIYA...
Jokes apart,a wonderful girl wid a golden heart...!!!!
So here comes d end of 2009....



Pay for the Food

There was a poor old Irish cobbler whose shop was next door to a very upscale French restaurant.

Every day at lunch time, Mike, the Irish gent, would go out the back of his shop and eat his soda bread and maybe a kipper or piece of Irish blue cheese while smelling the wonderful odors coming from the restaurant's kitchen.

One morning, the Irishman was surprised to receive an invoice in the mail from the adjoining restaurant for "enjoyment of food" Mystified, he marched right over to the restaurant to point out that he had not bought a thing from them. The manager said, "You're enjoying our food, so you should pay us for it." The Irishman refused to pay and the restaurant took him to court.

At the hearing, the judge asked the restaurant to present their side of the case. The manager said, "Every day, this man comes and sits outside our kitchen and smells our food while eating his. It is clear that we are providing added value to his poor food and we deserve to be compensated for it."

The judge turned to Mike and said, "What do you have to say to that?" The old Irishman didn't say a thing but smiled and stuck his hand in his pocket and rattled the few coins he had inside. The judge asked him, "What is the meaning of that?" The Irishman replied with a mile wide grin, - "I'm paying for the smell of his food with the sound of my money."


An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.

Bill Vaughn